Spin Fishing For Steelhead – 5 most effective Methods Used By Guides

Spin fishing for steelhead

Spin fishing for steelhead means that you are using a spinning reel to catch steelhead. Spinning reels can be used for many methods of steelhead fishing and I will discuss each one.

Methods For Steelhead Fishing With Spinning Reels

Anglers spin fishing for steelhead can use methods like casting lures, jig fishing for steelhead, bottom bouncing for steelhead, and plunking for steelhead. Some spin fishing methods for steelhead are much more effective at catching steelhead than others.

I will also discuss the best rods and spinning reels for fishing for steelhead.

Spinning Reels For Steelhead

What makes spin fishing for steelhead unique is the spinning reel itself. With the spinning reel, you can do all the most effective methods and also other methods like trolling for steelhead.

When spin fishing for steelhead you want to be sure you have a reel that can handle the big hard fighting steelhead. You will need a reel with a good smooth drag, a reel with good gears that won’t get stripped, and a reel that allows you to hold enough line for those long runs that steelhead are known for.

I discuss the best spinning reel for steelhead on my page The 4 Best Spinning Reels For Steelhead

Spinning Rods For Steelhead

I like longer rods when spin fishing but I will use different rods for different methods.

For casting lures for steelhead I like rods in the 8 to 9-foot range.

When float fishing for steelhead I like rods 11 to 14 feet long. Longer rods help with casts, line control and will protect light leaders.

I discuss the best spin fishing rods for all the different methods on my page Best River Fishing Rods.

Lure Fishing For Steelhead

Lure fishing for steelhead can be a very effective and fun way to catch steelhead. I use techniques that enable my clients to cover the water more effectively which in turn means more steelhead in the net.

Covering the water effectively means from top to bottom in the water column and also being able to cover the spot well.

Knowing what lures are the most effective and how to fish them will also help you catch more fish. I discuss the best lures and how I fish them on my page Best Steelhead Lures.

Jig Fishing For Steelhead

Jig fishing for steelhead is a lesser known method of spin fishing for steelhead, however, it can be very effective. I drift lightweight jigs under a float when I’m float fishing for steelhead.

You can also fish jigs using the bottom bouning method or you cast and retrieve jigs.

If fishing with jigs is something that you are interested in heck my page Steelhead Jigs: The 11 Best Steelhead Jigs And How To Fish Them.

Bottom Bouncing For Steelhead

Bottom bouncing for steelhead is a good method that excels in shallow waters and in pocket water.

Bottom bouncing is often done using spinning reels. You can bottom bounce in most types of water and I discuss some advanced methods to help you catch more steelhead. Check my page Bottom Bouncing – 5 Proven Guide Tips For More Fish.

Drift Fishing For Steelhead

Drift fishing for steelhead is basically the same as bottom bouncing with some minor changes. Most anglers that do drift fishing will use spinning reels.

For details on how to set up a drift fishing rig, or how to do the drift fishing method, check out my page on Drift Fishing For Steelhead

Float Fishing For Steelhead

Float fishing for steelhead is arguably the most effective way to catch steelhead. Anglers interested in spin fishing for steelhead should learn this method because there are times when other methods just won’t work.

Float fishing allows you to drift a bait just off the bottom and in the strike zone for long times and it allows you to cover the water very effectively.

I discuss float fishing for steelhead with spinning reels in great detail on this website as well as how to do float fishing with Centerpin.

Plunking For Steelhead

Plunking for steelhead is a method that can be used in rivers, in slow water, on piers, and out in the lake or ocean. Spinning rods and reels are the prefered choice for this method.

Plunking simply refers to casting a large heavy weight that sits on the bottom. It anchors the bait close to the bottom and then you wait for the fish to swim by and eat your bait. Anglers will cast the bait out and put the rod into a rod holder and just wait. They might reel in and try another spot in 10 or 20 minutes.

If the fish are not on the move this is not a very productive method, but if the steelhead are swimming through the areas there is chance to catch a fish.

To see the best setup for plunking for steelhead and the methods on how to do it effectively go to my page Plunking For Steelhead.

Spin Fishing For Steelhead FAQ

I hope you enjoyed my article of spin fishing for steelhead. If there is somethingI missed or you have a question, or you have some tips to share, please leave it in the comments section below.

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