Our Mission:

Trout and Steelhead.net is dedicated to providing the most accurate information to the passionate community of hunters, anglers, and conservationists. Established in 2000 as a guide service, expanding nationwide as an information website with multiple guides on staff, we aim to share inspiring tales from the field, introduce innovative gear, and highlight both distant and local adventures.

Our purpose is to motivate outdoor enthusiasts to pursue their passions and advocate for the preservation of nature. Trout and Steelhead.net stands as a beacon for the outdoor community.

Editorial Independence At Trout and Steelhead.net

We prioritize our audience over everything else, ensuring that our editorial integrity remains unshaken. Trust is the bedrock of our platform.

Thus, our editorial team makes all content decisions autonomously, free from external influences. Employees outside the editorial realm, including advertisers, have no say in our content. Our commitment to ethics aligns with standards set by esteemed journalism organizations.

Transparency and Integrity

Our guiding principle is to always prioritize our audience’s interests. We maintain transparency in our operations and are forthcoming about any potential conflicts of interest. Our staff avoids financial ties in the sectors they cover to ensure unbiased coverage.

We test products with a focus on content creation and ensure no staff accepts compensation from the subjects of their articles. Any affiliations or partnerships are clearly indicated in our stories. Additionally, our reviews and recommendations are based purely on expertise and research.

Accuracy & Responsibility

Ensuring content accuracy is paramount at Trout and Steelhead.net. Every piece undergoes rigorous editorial review and when necessary, fact-checking. We are committed to citing sources transparently and take accountability for any oversights. When errors are identified, we promptly address and rectify them, providing clarity to our readers.

Our Team

Led by a dedicated team of writers, guides, fishing experts, and editors with diverse regional expertise, Trout and Steelhead.net boasts accolades from various sectors of outdoor pursuits. The team’s combined experiences enrich the content, ensuring it resonates with our broad audience.

Tight Lines

Graham B,

Owner / Head Guide