Drift Fishing For Steelhead

Drift fishing for steelhead

Drift fishing is a method that I will use as a guide in certain situations. Drift fishing is similar to what I call bottom bouncing except that drift fishing works in shallow and deeps water.

Drift fishing simply means casting out your bait with enough weight to sink your bait and allow the weight and bait to drift and bounce along the bottom. You adjust your weight based on the depth and velocity of the flow. Drift fishing for steelhead is effective because it gets your bait to the bottom.

In this article, I will discuss the best setups and the methods used to be effective at drift fishing. I will also discuss the best baits and the best types of water to use when drift fishing.

To Be Covered In Drift Fishing For Steelhead

  • Best drift fishing rigs for steelhead
  • Best rods and reels for drift fishing
  • best line for drift fishing
  • best setup and leaders for drift fishing
  • best hooks for drift fishig
  • best baits for drift fishing
  • best type of water to drift fish for steelhead
  • shallow water drift fishing
  • deep water drift fishing
  • detecting a strike when drift fishing for steelhead

I’m currently in the middle of a very busy guide season so this article will be incomplete and is due to be completed on or before January 1st 2022.

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