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Guiding Anglers Since 2000

I have been a fishing guide and instructor for over 23 years. I am one of the top full time independent river guides in the area and I was the first full time guide to offer centerpin guide trips and classes.

My first guide trip was in the year 2000 thanks to encouragement from one of the local lodge owners. Since then, I have guided and taught between 3000 and 4000 anglers. I also have multiple guides on staff and my guide service does around 300 guide trips annually.

Today, I am the lead author and owner of troutandsteelhead.net

Author Graham Bristow with a nice silver steelhead
Top Guide For 16 years

Graham has accomplished a lot over 22 years in the fishing industry.

Graham has built and runs two of the top guide services in his area since the year 2000.

  • 2000 -2017 Georgian Bay Musky Charters – Graham became the top guide for trophy musky on Georgian Bay which is where he spent seven days a week between late June and late September guiding for musky that averaged 20 to 30 pounds. Graham sold his Musky Charter Service in 2017 to one of his good clients.
  • 2006 – 2011 Fishing & Hunting Store – Graham opened his own fishing and hunting store in 2006. He was able to test out and try many of the latest and greatest fishing products. He did this while raising two young kids, guiding for Musky, and guiding for trout, steelhead, salmon, and bass on the local rivers.
  • 2000 – Present Day – Today, Graham is the head guide and owner of a busy guide service. He spends over 300 days on the water, coaches kids hockey during the winter months, and still organizes around 300 guide trips and fishing lessons annually with multiple guides on staff, all while writing articles for readers like you.
  • Pro Staff – and Guide Programs – Since about 2006 Graham has been on numerous guide programs and pro staff programs from large companies like Orvis, Simms, Raven Tackle, and more. Graham is also a recommended guide through many stores like Drift Outfitters.
  • Books, Magazines, and TV – Graham has appeared in many magazines, multiple books, and has had the opportunity to do multiple fishing TV shows


Guide Trips Annually

22 Yrs

As A Fishing Guide

16 Yrs

Centerpin Guide



37 Yrs

River Fishing
Graham with World Champion fly anger David Arcay after a day of training
Graham with World Champion fly angler David Arcay after a day of training

My Passion Keeps Me Learning And Improving.

I have made a conscious effort to continue my education by learning new and modern methods from experts all over the world. On the left is World Champion Fly Angler David Arcay with Graham on the right.

Patient And Skilled

“A good angler doesn’t always make a good guide, but a good guide can make and good angler” – Graham Bristow

Graham is known as a patient and skilled guide and instructor and has trained many full-time and part-time fishing guides.

Graham’s Accomplishments

Aside from having many happy clients, Graham has appeared in many magazines, books, fishing shows, seminars, and websites, and has been pro-staff for multiple companies.

Training With Experts

Graham with medal-winning tournament angler, Fly Team USA Coach, and author George Daniel.

Graham and Bill Spicer on shoot with The New Fly Fisher TV Show
Fishing With The Best

Graham and Bill Spicer on a spring steelhead TV shoot with The New Fly Fisher TV Show and crew.

Best Times

Grahams Shows and Trips

I’ve had the opportunity to get on the water with many expert anglers, some TV actors, and even pro athletes, but I’ve learned a ton from just being on the water with thousands of regular anglers from all over the world.

Graham with Mark Melnyk from the show "Guided"
On The Show “Guided”

Graham chasing Steelhead on a shoot with Mark Melnyk from the show “Guided”.

Graham with Collin McKeown from The New Fly Fisher Show filming big wild brown trout.
New Fly Fisher Show

Graham chasing big browns on a shoot with Colin McKeown from The New Fly Fisher

Graham loves fishing for big brown trout
A Passion For Browns

When the Steelhead are gone, Graham’s passion is chasing large brown trout.

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A Love For Guiding

Graham has said ” The best part about guiding for a living is teaching people how to catch big fish”

Gear and Product Reviews: In-House and On The Water

My office full of new gear to review in 2023
This is my office full of over $5000 of new equipment to review in 2023. Yes, we actually use the gear we review.
My Fly fishing order for the new season
As a top fishing guide, I use a lot of fly fishing gear under real fishing situations. I also need to use gear that gives my clients a better chance of catching more fish. I will tell you everything you need to help you catch more fish.
Centerpin Fishing Gear
Centerpin Fishing Gear includes more than just waders and boots.


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