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Head Guide Graham From Trout and Steelhead .net
Head guide Graham with huge brown trout


My name is Graham and I have been guiding for over 20 years, fly fishing for over 35 years, and Centerpin fishing for over 30 years.

I run one of the top river guide services in the great lakes region with a team of great guides.

With over 3000 anglers guided, I am considered the top river guide in my area and I can often be found on the water guiding for over 250 days a year.

Why Me?

I have had the opportunity to train with, and fish with, and learn from world champion competition anglers, a former head coach for Team USA fly fishing team, as well as other top river guides, and top competition anglers.

I have also learned so much from being on the water with hundreds of exceptional anglers and other top river guides. I share that knowledge in my daily guiding and on this website for you.

I have also appeared on fishing shows, in books and magazines, and have been a guest speaker at trade shows, seminars, and presentations.

I Love To Teach

Anyone that has been on the water with me knows that I love to teach people how to catch more fish.

I wanted to make a website where river anglers could get great advice from professional guides instead of needing to rely on advice from random anglers.

I was frustrated when clients would show up to a guide trip with the wrong gear because someone recommended it on some fishing forum board or on a Facebook group, or because the guy in the big box tackle store recommended it. I felt bad telling my new clients that the idiot that told him a 6 weight rod was good for little brook trout or that it was good for big steelhead was wrong.

With us, you’re always getting honest NO BS expert advice about river fishing from very skilled river guides.

It’s very easy for me to find bad advice from guys with good intentions. The problem is that I know it’s bad advice, but to a new angler looking for advice, they won’t know if it’s bad or not. And the guy giving the bad advice doesn’t realize it either.

The advice you get here is advice obtained from guiding and teaching around 3000 anglers and from a guide who has spent more time on the water than 99% of anglers.

You will get the same advice that anglers pay me over $500 a day on the water to get. The information on this website is also an accumulation of knowledge obtained from other exceptional river guides and professionals anglers.

I am no longer on any companies Pro-Staff programs and that is my own choice. This means I am no longer obligated to recommend any companies products anymore. I am now free to recommend only what I think are the best methods and the products, and I can do so without being biased.

With the right advice and the right equipment, you too can become a better angler and you can start catching more trout, steelhead, or even salmon!

I hope you enjoy this website and that you get a lot out of it. Please share with others anglers and spread the word!

Why Trout and Steelhead .net?

Tips And Advice From A Top Professional River Guide

I also built this website for my clients and friends so they had a private place to go for accurate and detailed information on the river fishing for trout, steelhead, and salmon. It has become a resource of tips and advice that work on almost any river in North America and it’s now free to everyone. This site is everything you need to know about river fishing for trout and steelhead from a professional river guide!

The other reason I wanted this website is that it’s not uncommon for me to give out so much information during a guide trip that it can be overwhelming and some of my clients would forget some of the information that I covered on the water. These clients would email me asking me questions like, “what was that knot you showed me?” or “what was the tippet size you said is best for steelhead?” or “how did I set up the trout leader again?”.  So I put the information on here for them to have all the time.

This website is about the right advice from a highly respected and experienced river fishing guide that has taught about 3000 clients to become better anglers!

And that is how and why www.troutandsteelhead.net got started.

Graham with Bill Spicer and Mark Melnyk from the New Fly Fisher Show
Graham with Bill Spicer and Mark Melnyk from The New Fly Fisher Show


Graham filming another episode of The New Fly Fisher TV show. Graham On the far right after netting this steelhead

Graham Training with coach and competition angler George Daniel
Graham Training with coach, competition angler and author, George Daniel

Being Coached

Graham out with George Daniel, author, former medal winner, and former head coach of Team USA – Fly Fishing Team

Graham with World Champion fly anger David Arcay after a day of training
Graham with World Champion fly angler David Arcay after a day of training

World Champion

I had the opportunity to train with world champion David Arcay and learn some of his competition techniques.

Graham with Collin McKeown from The New Fly Fisher Show filming big wild brown trout.
Graham with Collin McKeown from The New Fly Fisher Show filming big wild brown trout.

Filming For Browns

I’ve had the opportunity to film and learn from great anglers like Collin McKeown owner and host of the New Fly Fishing TV Show, along with other TV Hosts.

Fishing and leaning from around 3000 anglers has made me a much better angler and guide.
Fishing and leaning from around 3000 anglers has made me a much better angler and guide.

Lots Of Mentors

They say when you teach something you learn it deeper. As a top river guide, I can honestly say I have learned from thousands of anglers.

A Top Musky Guide from Lake Huron
A Top Musky Guide from Lake Huron with muskeys over 60lb landed

Well Rounded

I have also been the top Musky guide on one of the Great Lakes and have guided for bass, pike, and walleye which has helped me be a very well-rounded angler and guide.

Original Images

About 99% percent of the images on this website are originals and were taken by me, my clients, my guides, and my friends. Unlike other websites that buy their images, I have over 20,000 images from guide trips, fishing classes, and fishing trips that I will share with you. Images of products are likely from the sellers or manufacturers and are used with their permission. I hope you enjoy the fishy pics!