Best Trout Bait – The Only 5 Baits You Will Ever Need

As a top river guide, I use the top 5 trout baits when fishing for trout to increase the amount of trout my clients catch. Even though there are lots of trout baits available there are 5 trout baits that consistently catch trout on any river in North America and in most trout lakes.

Trout bait is what anglers put on their hooks to catch trout. The best trout bait will be something that imitates the natural food found in a trout’s diet. There are many trout baits available but the 5 best trout baits are worms, fish eggs, flies, artificial baits, minnows, and live baits.

The best trout bait is the one that the trout are willing to eat at that time of year or that time of day and a trout bait that worked yesterday or last month may not be good today.

What I mean is that you may use a worm as your trout bait in the spring when worms seem to be all over the place because of all the spring rains, and you may do very well with that kind or trout bait then, but in the heat of the summer when the ground is super dry and there aren’t many worms around, a worm may be a poor choice for a trout bait at that time since the trout may be keyed in on another bait or food source which is more prevalent at that time.

That’s exactly why anglers should have these 5 trout baits in their vest or tackle pack when they hit the river or lake.

The Best Methods For Fishing Trout Baits

Methods for fishing trout bait
The best methods for fishing a trout bait are bottom bouncing and float fishing. Done well these are excellent ways to catch trout with bait.

Before I get into the best baits for trout let me just say that regardless of how good your bait is, it’s always more important to present your bait properly and effectively, especially if you are fishing for wild trout and not stocked trout.

A poorly presented trout bait might catch a fish or two but a well presented trout bait might catch 10 or 20 trout. The good thing is that presenting your bait well isn’t that hard, and with me as your online river guide, I will teach you my methods for fishing trout baits.

Presentation is the key when fishing trout baits and the two methods that I recommend for presenting your bait to the trout in a river are float fishing and bottom bouncing. For information, tips, and my tactics for doing these well visit my page on Bottom Bouncing – 5 Proven Guide Tips For More Fish and my page on Float Fishing: Tips From A Pro River Guide For More Trout

Best Time To Use Bait For Trout

Trout bait can be used at any time and in any type of water whether that be in clear water or dirty water, or even in very cold water.

I have read some articles that say that natural bait works better than imitation baits or other baits in the high muddy water because the trout can not see other non-natural baits in the muddy water, but that they can pick up on the scent of the natural bait easily. I say this is a load of crap!

Muddy water is full of dissolved dirt, and there is usually lots of debris in the water which masks or dilutes the scent from natural baits. Also, if fish picked up on the scent of the natural bait, I and everyone around me would be still catching trout in muddy water, but we don’t! Muddy water is very tough fishing regardless of your bait choice.

The only thing I will say is that I use bigger trout baits in dirtier water and smaller baits in very clear water. I don’t use bigger baits in dirty water because I want more scent, I just want a bigger bait that they can see easier if I get lucky and get my bait close enough to them.

I also choose baits that look most natural to the fish. In other words, if the fish are feeding on single eggs in gin-clear water and I chuck a golf ball-sized spawn bag at them I’ll probably scare more fish than I will catch.

The Best Trout Bait Is The Worm

Worms are good trout bait.
The worm is a great trout bait but only if it’s the right size and it’s presented well.

The worm is likely the best and most well-known trout bait there is but not all worms are good for trout.

Worms enter the rivers after rains or during the night time by crawling along the ground or just under the ground and falling off the bank into the river.

The trout recognize worms as a large and nutritious food source that is easy to grab. This is why worms are such a great trout bait.

There are different types of worms in North America that anglers will use as trout bait.

Worms are also called earthworms, dew worms, nightcrawlers, red wigglers, red worms, trout worms, garden worms, and even garden hackle. Most of them are the same thing.

The dew worm, which is the largest of the worms is very popular at tackle stores and some gas stations near rivers or lakes. Dew worms can range from 5 to 10 inches and can be quite fat.

Dew worms of this size might be good for very large trout, but a full-sized dew worm of 8 inches is not a good choice when you are fishing a river full of 5 to 10-inch brook trout.

Many anglers will break dew worms in half or in 3 or 4 pieces and although this can work sometimes, it’s not the best method for fishing large wild trout.

The garden worm or red wiggler worm is a smaller worm ranging from 2 to 5 inches in length and this is the type and size of worm that I prefer to use. Garden worms are an easy bait and a good size bait for both small and large trout and steelhead. In fact, most of the large steelhead I catch are on 3 to 4-inch worms.

Fishing with worms
The bubblegum pink worm is likely the best color for large steelhead trout.

Then there are plastic worms or worm imitations that can replace live worms. These plastic worms are my preferred choice when worm fishing for trout because the plastic worms work equally well in moving water and they stay on the hook better when casted.

Since the water is moving the trout need to react fast so they don’t stop to inspect the worm and instead they just grab it.

So aside from not getting your hands all dirty when putting the worm on the hook, these plastic worms also don’t come off every time you set the hook. In the long run plastic worms will likely be more economical too because they last longer than live worms.

I rarely find that a reel worm is much better than a well-presented plastic worm in moving water. I also like the fact that the plastic worms come in multiple colors and some of them are deadly.

Catch Salmon On Plastic Worms
If you fish plastic worms well just about every fish in the river will eat them.

I have experimented many times with one angler using a live worm and another using a plastic worm to see which one catches the most trout, steelhead, and salmon.

Let me just say that I no longer use live worms anymore! Plastic worms work equally well and sometimes even better in moving water.

I have even caught huge 30-pound salmon on plastic worms

Check out my page Fishing With Worms: Guide Tips For More Trout And Steelhead. On this page, I discuss the best worm rigs, the best colors, and brands of plastic worms that I use, as well as the best hooks for using all baits. I’ve even included what not to do when fishing live and plastic worms so you don’t look like a total newbie and you start catching more trout.

Worms can be fished under a float or using a method called bottom bouncing. These are the two most productive methods and ones that I use and teach when guiding my clients.

Some anglers will also cast a large weight and worm and let the bait just sit stationary on the bottom waiting for a trout to swim by and pick it up. In a river, this is not a great method since trout usually stay put in one place for long periods of time and bottom bouncing and float fishing cover a lot more water which puts your bait in front of a lot more trout.

Some new anglers will even add a worm to the hook of a lure which is also not a great method for using worms since it really does nothing to entice a trout in bitting the lure or not.

If you are going to use a worm for bait it’s important that you rig it up properly and that you fish it effectively, because even though worms are a great bait for trout, some trout will ignore your worm if you rig it up wrong or fish it poorly. I cover all that in my Fishing With Worms: Guide Tips For More Trout And Steelhead page too.

Fish Eggs Are A Great Trout Bait

Fish eggs are a great trout bait since they are a great source of protein for trout and are readily available at certain times of the year.

Fish eggs are also known as spawn, spawn bags, roe, roe bags, trout eggs, or salmon eggs.

I have used the eggs from rainbow trout, brown trout, brook trout, char, salmon, and suckers and they all work well as a trout bait.

There are also a lot of alternative egg imitations like beads, and plastic or rubber eggs.

Just like worms, there are right ways and wrong ways to rig up and fish eggs. For my guide tips on using eggs as trout bait go to my page Spawn Bags: Guide Secrets For More Fish

Beads Are A Great Trout Bait

Beads are an egg imitation that has gained a huge following in some areas because of how well they imitate the natural eggs and because they catch a lot of trout and steelhead.

I use beads on almost every steelhead trip that I do when float fishing or bottom bouncing in the spring, fall, and winter. If you are interested in learning more about fishing with beads, which ones are best, and how to rig them, check out my page Fishing With Beads: 5 Guide Tips For More Fish

Plastic and Artificial Eggs As Trout Bait

Egg Imitations are Great Trout Baits
Egg imitations are great baits for trout and steelhead without the mess of reel eggs.

There are also a lot of other trout bait imitations like plastic egg sack imitations, single rubber eggs, and Berkley PowerBait Dough.

These can be great for catching trout, steelhead, and salmon in rivers.

I’ve even caught large and smallmouth bass as well as carp and panfish on single eggs and the trout doughs.

Some of the best egg imitations that I use are these ones from and Bass ProShops:

Trout Bait Single Plastic Eggs

Plastic Single Eggs

These plastic single eggs from Atlas are a great trout bait when paired with the right hook. Get them at these great retailers below.

Trout Bait Plastic Eggs

Plastic Roe Sacs

These plastic roe sacks are good for bigger water and bigger trout. Get them at the following retailers

Trout Bait Gulp Eggs

Gulp Single Eggs

The Berkley Gulp eggs are a good single egg imitation. Get them at the following retailers

Trout Bait Dough

Trout Dough

Berkley PowerBait Glitter Trout Bait is a dough type bait that can be added to a hook and it resembles fish eggs.

Live Baits For Trout

Grubs as Trout Bait
Grubs type insects can be great trout bait and some tackle stores will sell these. You may also be able to get them at some pet stores because people feed them to their reptiles.

Other than worms there is an assortment of other live baits that can be used for trout, and at certain times of the year, these baits can be a great choice.

Wax worms, Maggots, Grubs, Meal Worms – These are are basically small grub like worms that can be placed on a hook and presented to trout.

I have also done well with maggots and mealworms. With these types of trout baits, I use a size 10 or 12 egg hook to secure these guys to the line.

Since finding these types of bait is difficult, instead of live bait, I will use imitation grubs with good success. A small hook under a float with the right sized leader and these imitation grubs can be deadly on big and small trout.

Imitation Grubs Are A Great Trout Bait

Berkley PowerBait Power Wigglers are a great grub/maggot imitation.

Plastic Nymphs like this 2″ Lil Hellgrammites is a good trout bait.

This Plastic Mayfly Nymph is a good trout bait

The Savage gear plastic Nymph is a good trout bait.

Crayfish can be excellent trout bait
Crayfish can be an excellent trout bait. This crayfish tried to grab my client’s trout worm and help on long enough for me to get a picture.

Crayfish – Also Know as CrawFish – Trout eat crayfish and many rivers in North America have crayfish in the them.

If you can get your hands on 1 to 2 inch long crayfish they can work well all year long.

A single hook through the tail on a good quality size 8 hook should do the job. If your cant get real Crayfish where you live, you can order these imitation Crayfish from – HERE or From Bass Pro Shops – HERE

I use imitation crayfish under a float or with the bottom bouncing method with good success. I actually prefer the imitation crayfish over the live one in faster-moving water.

Many pro tournament bass anglers also use these imitation crawfish with great success which proves that they do work well.

You can also fish these like a jig for trout, the same way the bass guy do and it can be deadly on big trout.

Berkley Gulp Leeches are a good trout bait
Imitation leeches like these Berkley Gulp leeches can be a great rout bait.

Leeches – You may not like to touch these wiggle blood suckers but trout love them and leeches are a great trout bait if you can find them.

Many tackle stores will sell them as bait.

If you can’t get live leeches I have done well with the Berkley Gulp Leeches under a float. You can get them at FishUSA – HERE or at Bass Pro Shops – HERE

If they are live leaches, let them wiggle, I use a small single size # 10 egg hook and I only hook them once in the mouth so that they stay alive longer and so they wiggle like crazy which attracts more trout.

Crickets and Grass Hoppers and Beetles

During the heat of the summer when there are no worms around the trusty old worm can stop working, but grasshoppers and crickets, and other beetles can be all over the place at this time of year. That makes them an excellent bait for trout.

I use a single size 12 or 14 sedge hook to secure these to the line.

You can drift them below the surface or on the surface. You can also fish imitation crickets that can work well. I have used these Berkley Gulp 1″ crickets from with good success.

Aquatic Insects As Trout Bait

Insects are a great trout bait
Trout eat aquatic insects and insects can be a huge part of a trout diets which means that aquatic Insects are a great trout bait.

Despite reading some blogs that say that big trout drop insects from their diet once they get big, my clients and I seem to keep catching lots of large trout, and steelhead, and even salmon on insects and insect imitations less than a half-inch long. Shows you what those other guys know!

You can catch them yourself but some tackle stores will sell aquatic insects for anglers to use as trout bait.

Since trout feed on insects a lot when they are younger, they and the larger trout still see them as a good food source that is hard to pass up. A size 12 or 14 hook should do the trick with real insects.

In fact, there are many days when I will catch 10 times more trout with small imitation insects, also know as flies, than all the guys around me fishing with worms and live bait.

The simple matter of truth is that if the trout are feeding on flies all day and you put another fly in front of them they will eat it. If they don’t, you have my list of other baits you can try.

Flies Are One Of The Best Trout Baits

Best Bait For Trout
Flies can be one of the best baits for trout and can be used under a float or bottom bounced

You do not need to be a fly angler to use flies for trout.

I use flies with spinning rods and Centerpin rods all the time and with great success.

You can drift flies under a float or with the bottom bouncing method.

Flies are one of my all-time favorite baits in trout rivers and if I had to choose only 1 bait to use for the rest of my life I think I would use flies. Flies can be so versatile and do not need to look like bugs. I have flies that imitate leeches, minnows, crayfish, and even mice.

Every trout angler should have flies in their vest or pack. If you want to know my favorite flies check out my page on the Best Trout Flies – Coming Soon

Minnows And Baitfish Are A Great Trout Bait

Trout eat fish
This small trout puked up this fish when I got him in the net which clearly shows that trout eat other fish.

Fish eat fish and trout are no exception. This means minnows and other live fish like sculpins can be a great trout bait in rivers.

You can get minnows from your local tackle store or you can buy a minnow trip and catch your own. One of the best minnow traps on the market is the Frabil one from Bass Pro Shops – Here

I use the same hooks when using minnows as bait as I do for other trout baits. See my page on The Best Hooks For Trout and Steelhead

Berkley Gulp Alive Minnows Are A great trout bait
Berkley Gulp Alive Minnows can be a great bait for trout.

Minnow imitation baits and real minnows can be drifted under a float or using a bottom bouncing method. The best imitation minnows that I have used are the Berkley Gulp! Alive! Minnows. You can also jig these imitation minnows with great success.

Jigs For Trout Fishing

When it comes to trout bait most anglers do not think about jigs or jig fishing for trout. However, jig fishing can be a very effective way to catch big and small trout.

Jigs come in all types, from your standard twister tail jigs, marabou jigs, bucktail jigs, tube jig, and creature jigs.

The same jig and same jig techniques that the pro bass anglers use can work well on trout.

Jigs are good trout bait
Jigs like this creature type jig can be an excellent trout bait.

Simply add a jig hook that is the right size to get the jig down to the fish, cast it out and let it hit bottom, and then start an up and down jig motion all the way back to you.

The trick is to maintain some tension on the line so you can feel the trout take.

On days when the trout are really aggressive, I will use a faster retrieve or lift the jig off the bottom 24 inches or more, but and on days when the trout are less active, I may choose a crawl and drag type of retrieve with more subtle lifts off the bottom.

I use a jig head and a crayfish jig body or a creature type jig like the Terminator Pro Series Jigs

The benefit to jigs is that not many anglers use them so it’s not sometime the trout will get used to. Jigs for trout also get down to the fish even in 30 feet of water.

Some anglers, myself included will use a drop-shotting method in rivers with great success. The same drop-shotting method you can see here in this Drop-Shotting video being used on bass or walleye.

My advanced bottom bouncing rig uses a similar drop-shotting rig which is what I use when fishing jigs and other baits.

Some angler will also use small marabou style jigs under a float and use the same float fishing method used for other trout baits like spawn bags and worms. These Anglers International Jiggy Bugger Steelhead Jigs , these VooDoo Jigs, or these Eagle Claw Jigs are my favorites for trout and steelhead under a float.

Lures For Trout

Some anglers consider lures as bait but to me, they are lures, not bait. Check out my page on the Lure fishing For Trout for my best tips and advice on lures.

Other Stuff To Make Trout Fishing Easier

Forceps – If you are going to use natural baits for trout you should have a good set of forceps/hemostats. You want once that is made for fishing and small enough to get deep into small trouts throats. Check out these Forceps from FishUSA.

Polarized Glasses – A good pair of polarized glasses are a great tool when fishing trout in rivers and I wear mine all the time.

Not only do they provide protection for your eyes but they are great for reading the river and finding those trout holding spots, as well as seeing the rocks and snags. I could not do my job as a guide as well without them. Polarized glasses are a valuable asset to any river angler. I am currently wearing the Orvis Men’s Superlight Backwater Polarized Sunglasses

Trout Net – You should also have a good trout net that is suitable for river fishing. I have been using the 17″ x 21″ Frabill trout net for around 10 years and it is inexpensive and it works great. The 13″ x 18″ net is a good all-around size but We catch a lot of 20 to 25″ trout every year.

I will have a whole list of recommended river fishing gear on my Best Gear page.

Bait Fishing Regulations

Using bait may not be legal where you live or it may not be legal in some river or just some sections of river so check your local regulations before you go fish.

Got A Question Or Comment

I hope I covered most of the things regarding trout bait but if you have a question or want to adds some tips of your own let me know in the comments below.

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