5 Best Powerbait For Trout, Steelhead, And Salmon

Trout like this big brown trout can be caught using the best Powerbait for trout.
Trout like this big brown trout can be caught using some of the best Powerbaits for trout.

I’ve been a trout, steelhead, and salmon guide for 22 years, so I’ve had plenty of opportunity to test out all of the Powerbait products in all types of conditions, and on both wild and stocked trout. The best powerbait for trout is the Berkley Powerbait trout worm, but how do four others compare?

Best Powerbait For Trout, Steelhead And Salmon

This is my list of the most effective Powerbaits that I have tested, used, and found to be most effective.

# 5. Best Powerbait Trout Bait for Trout: Top 10 Colors and Scents for Successful Fishing

A jar of Powerbait Dough
A jar of Powerbait Dough

Number 5 on my list of the best Powerbait for trout, steelhead, and salmon is the Powerbait Trout Bait, which is a go-to choice for many anglers targeting trout. This is also known as a dough bait.

With over 40 color and scent combinations available in the market, I have narrowed down the top five Powerbaits to enhance your chances of catching more trout.

  1. Black and Green Aniseed Powerbait: This supernatural color combination works well in clear water conditions throughout the year, making it a reliable choice for catching trout, especially in the early spring, summer, and fall.
  2. Hatchery Pellet Brown Powerbait: Don’t underestimate the simplicity of brown Powerbait. It mimics natural food sources and is highly effective in clear water conditions. It’s particularly successful right after a lake has been stocked with trout, as it matches the color of their feed at the hatcheries.
  3. Cheese-colored Powerbait: The cheese scent is a favorite among trout, especially in the springtime. It works best in the early morning as water temperatures rise.
  4. Nymph Grape Powerbait: This underrated and underutilized powerbait is excellent when trout are actively feeding on bugs. Suspend it under a bobber during bug hatches for optimal results. It’s a must-have for morning and evening fishing sessions.
  5. Pink Powerbaits: The bright and extravagant color of the pink Powerbait can be a great choice, especially when you want to catch some big fish that are feeding on fish eggs. It can even outshine other baits.
  6. Red Powerbait: Trout have an affinity for salmon and trout eggs, making red Powerbait a consistent performer throughout the year. Fluorescent red and salmon egg red are particularly effective during the fall spawn when these egg colors are abundant.
  7. Orange Powerbait: Don’t overlook the classic orange Powerbait. Its brightness appeals to trout in all seasons and water conditions. It’s especially effective in the fall when matching the orange egg color to natural food sources.
  8. Yellow Corn Scented Powerbait: Many hatcheries feed trout with corn-based food, making yellow corn Powerbait a logical choice. It remains effective year-round and is particularly useful even after a lake has been stocked for a while.
  9. Tequila Fire Powerbait: This worm and garlic-scented combination in orange and yellow colors has gained popularity for its versatility. Its unique features make it highly visible under different weather conditions and irresistible to trout, especially in murky water.
  10. Chartreuse Powerbait: The legendary Chartreuse Powerbait takes the top spot on our list. Its consistent effectiveness and ability to attract trout make it a must-have. Whether choosing the original, glitter-infused, or garlic-scented version, expect exceptional results throughout the year.

These top ten Powerbait Trout Bait for trout fishing in 2022 offer a variety of colors and scents to suit different fishing conditions and preferences. Experiment with these options, stock up the tackle box, and enjoy a successful trout fishing experience!

#4. Berkley PowerBait Power Wigglers

Trout-like small baits, and this has been an effective bait for imitating grubs, waxworms, or larvae, which trout love. This makes it one of the best Powerbaits for trout, but I have also caught steelhead and salmon on it.

One of the significant benefits of using Berkley PowerBait Power Wigglers is their extended durability. Unlike live bait that can perish quickly, these wigglers have a longer lifespan, allowing me to keep fishing without constantly replacing my bait.

Another key advantage is the exclusive scent and flavor infusion in Berkley PowerBait Power Wigglers. The unique formulation mimics the smell and taste of real food, effectively enticing fish to strike. This scent and flavor combination acts as a powerful attractant, drawing in more fish.

In addition to their effectiveness, Berkley PowerBait Power Wigglers offer practicality in terms of storage. Unlike live bait that requires special containers and careful handling, these synthetic alternatives are much easier to store.

Their durability, combined with the exclusive scent and flavor infusion, gives me an edge in attracting trout, steelhead, or salmon in rivers.

#3. Berkley PowerBait Magnum Power Eggs

Powerbait Eggs
Powerbait Eggs

Trout, steelhead, and salmon love eating fish eggs so it’s easy to pick this Powerbait as one of the best!

Berkley PowerBait Magnum Power Eggs are infused with Berkley’s potent fish-catching formula, guaranteeing their longevity and effectiveness. These durable and buoyant eggs outlast real salmon eggs, ensuring they remain intact for extended periods.

They are conveniently connected together, allowing for versatile rigging options like egg sacs, egg loops, or finesse presentations. The floating, biodegradable formula of Berkley PowerBaits enhances scent and flavor dispersion, maximizing their ability to attract fish across wide areas.

Opting for the floating version of these eggs provides a natural presentation when bottom fishing. When float fishing, i prefer the sinking powerbaits or add weight within 12 inches of the egg to keep it down. I use black or dark-colored split shots for this.

I also ensure I always use the proper size 10 to 12 hook and a light enough leader.

#2. Berkley PowerBait Magnum Garlic Power Eggs

I don’t know what it is about garlic, but it works!

Berkley PowerBait Magnum Garlic Power Eggs is one of the best Powerbaits for trout because it offers superior performance and durability compared to real salmon eggs.

These eggs are saturated in Berkley’s irresistible formula, guaranteeing they won’t dry out and ensuring they stay on the hook. They come connected together for easy rigging, allowing for various techniques such as egg sacs and egg loops.

The floating formula of Berkley PowerBait Magnum Garlic Power Eggs provides a natural presentation that entices fish, while also enhancing the dispersion of the garlic scent, attracting fish from a wider range.

Additionally, these Power Eggs are perfectly sized for smaller hooks and lures, making them a versatile choice for different fishing setups.

#1. Berkley PowerBait Floating Trout Worm

My favorite Powerbait product is the Berkley Powerbait Worm
My favorite Powerbait product is the Berkley Powerbait Worm

I don’t really need to say much more about this bait than it is by far my most effective Berkley Powerbait, and my clients have caught thousands of fish on this bait.

So, based on over 10 years of using it, I can honestly say this is the very best Powerbait for trout, steelhead, and salmon.

Rig it wacky-rig style or use the Texas-style rig, it hasn’t made a difference for me, however, I’ll be honest, I wacky-rig mine 99% of the time.

Pink, red, and natural brown are my go-to colors, and in that order.

For steelhead and salmon try the larger size Berkley Powerbait Floating Steelhead Worms.

Hooks, Leader, Best Setups.

Using the right hooks, the right leader, the right setups, and the right methods based on the conditions will ensure I catch a lot more fish and maximize the effectiveness of the Powerbait.

Best Hooks For Powerbait

Many websites still recommend bait-holder hooks, but many websites are also written by average anglers, so, let me be very clear, Baitholder hooks SUCK!

I know a lot of very good fishing guides, and none of them use bait-holder hooks, and neither should you. If bait-holder hooks were actually good, all the guides would use them, but they DON”T.

Guides use wide-gape short-shank hooks with razor-sharp points to ensure their clients catch the maximum amount of trout possible.

Hooks like the Raven Specimen or Gamakatsu hooks are a couple of good hooks I would recommend.

Best Leader For Powerbaits

For trout, use a fluorocarbon leader between 2 and 6 pounds. This will ensure the trout does not see the line. Use the right size of leader based on the conditions and the size of the fish you are using.

For steelhead, use between 6 and 10-pounds.

For salmon, use 10 to 14 pounds.

The Best Rig For Powerbait

I can’t say there is just one most effective Powerbait rig that is best because I use different rigs based on the conditions. I use one rig for float fishing, one rig for drift fishing, and another rig for still fishing.

You can see all of this here:

How To Fish Powerbait

You’ve heard the saying, “presentation is key.” Well once you have a great rig, then I totally agree that presentation is key.

But, the presentation is an entire article in itself, so check out:

Tight Lines,


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  1. Dear Graham,
    Another great article! thank you for such a brilliant experience. My experience about Berkly powerbait and Gulp is limited to lake and wild brown and rainbow. what is working for me is: Gulp (Garlic scent) after dark_ its water base and spread smell better and power bait (egg-paste) in a day light.
    power bait red egg works for both rainbow and specially brown. Last season i had great success on a “crustacea” taste i do recommend that. it was “GREAT”.
    If you want to keep fish i do recommend triple hook and most effective rig for lake runner-rig with fluorocarbon leader.