5 Best Fly Tying Kits Of 2022

The Best Fly Tying Kits

I have been fly tying for over 35 years and have run fly tying classes and I have even sold fly typing products in my tackle store. In this article, I’m going to help you by providing advice on the best fly tying kits and what I would recommend to my students and clients.

99% of the flies that I use for my guiding are tied by me and I have also tied flies professionally. I still tie about 500 flies a year so I know which vises, tools, and materials you will need to get yourself started the right way.

The fly tying kits on the list have been researched and hand picked by me and are the best fly tying kits for beginners and intermediate fly tiers and I will explain the pros and cons of each fly tying kit.

Getting the right fly tying kit will make learning easier and more fun.

Orvis Premium Fly Tying Kit Review

The ORVIS Premium Fly Tying Kit is the best fly tying kit on the market. I compared dozens of fly tying kits and could not find a better fly tying kit anywhere.

If you have the budget for a premium fly tying kit and you think that fly tying is something you will be doing for a long time then this is the kit you want.

This fly tying kit comes from ORVIS who is known as one of the best fly fishing companies in the world.

They are known for their great products that work and they have great service.

They stand behind all their products and I never have a concern recommending ORVIS products.

The reason I like this kit above all other kits is because of the head of the vise which is small enough to grip and tie smaller flies like size 18 or 20 hooks. Most other vises have rounder heads which can be problematic with smaller hooks.

Starting with a vice like this means you will not need to upgrade, at least not for a very long time or until you start getting into crazy small flies which most guys don’t tie anyways.

The tools in this fly tying kit are also of higher quality which means they will last longer and be easier to work with.

Everything you need to tie flies is in this fly tying kit.

This fly tying kit provides a lot more than all the other kits that I have seen. You pay more, but you get more, much more, and just the upgraded vise makes this kit a great deal and a worthwhile investment.

You can buy this ORVIS kit at Fish USA – ORVIS Fly Tying Kit for around $198.99 or from Amazon – ORVIS Fly Tying Kit which is where I have seen it on sale for as low as $148.00 on sale.

White River Fly Shop Deluxe Fly Tying Kit Review

The White River Deluxe Fly Tying kit is one of the best fly tying kits on the market for just over $100.00

This fly tying kit is great for beginner and intermediate anglers.

This fly tying kit has a pretty standard beginner vise which will work well for most flies up to size 18.

It’s a very similar vise to the one that I started with and I tied flies for 10 years on it with no problems. I eventually donated that vice to a local fly tying club and now new anglers learn to tie flies with it. This shows that these vises last a long time, if not forever.

I also like this fly tying kit over other kits because of the materials that are provided with this kit.

Sometimes fly tying kits come with a lot of crappy materials, my first kit did, but someone that actually knows fly fishing and fly tying must have put this fly tying kit together because they actually provide good materials and not some flashy crap that looks appealing to a new fly tier.

I can think of a dozen great fly patterns that I could tie with the materials provided in this fly tying kit.

White River is a Bass Pro Shops brand so you can get the White River Fly Tying kit at this link or get it at their stores.

Umpqua Beginner’s Fly Tying Kit Review

Another one of the best fly tying kits is this Umpqua fly tying kit which is around $90.00.

This Umpqua fly tying kit comes with a standard vise similar to the White River Kit and it has a good assortment of tools and some pretty good fly tying materials.

Everything you need to get started is in this kit and that makes it one of the best fly tying kits for under $100.00.

I used to sell this kit in my tackle store with confidence and I know it’s a great starter kit at a great price. In fact, I sold a lot of these kits to fly my tying students.

This fly tying kit also comes from a well know fly fishing company that is known for good fly fishing and fly tying products.

The best price I have seen on this fly tying kit was at Bass Pro Shop HERE or you can check the price at Amazon HERE

Wapsi Deluxe Fly Tying Starter Kit Review

The Wapsi Fly Tying kit is another one of the best fly tying kits available and this kit comes loaded with materials and everything that you need.

In case you are wondering, Wapsi is a well-known fly tying brand that has been around for a long time, maybe even before I started fly tying 36 years ago, and they are not some no-name crap brand.

This fly tying kit comes with all the tools you will need to get started in fly fishing. It also has a great selection of really good fly tying materials and with none of the crap that you will find in some other kits on the market.

It also comes with a variety of good quality hooks and a DVD to help you get started.

This Wapsi fly tying kit will run you around 70 bucks Fish USA HERE or at Amazon HERE

Colorado Anglers Gunnison River Fly Tying Kit Review

The Colorado Anglers Gunnison River Fly Tying Kit is one of the best fly tying kits for under $50.00.

This price makes it one of the best fly tying kits for beginners and anyone looking for an economy fly tying kit or a gift.

This kit won’t have as much material as the other more expensive fly tying kits but it has all the tools and a similar standard vise to the other fly tying kits.

Sometimes it’s just as good that there are not as many materials because you can always add just what you need for those fly patterns that work in your area.

I do like this kit because the materials that it does offer are actually practical for tying a lot of fly patterns that could be useful in any stream. I could tie dozens of fly tying patterns with what is provided in this fly tying kit.

This fly tying kit also comes with a beginner fly tying DVD and everything you will need to get you started.

You can get the Colorado Anglers Gunnison River Fly Tying Kit at Bass Pro Shops for about $45.00 or check the price at Amazon HERE

Best Fly Tying Kit For Beginners

I just went over all the best fly tying kits for beginners but let’s narrow it down a bit.

For kids and new fly tiers on a budget, I would suggest the Colorado Anglers Gunnison River Fly Tying Kit just because of all the stuff you get for under $50.00.

If you think you will be trying lots of flies and trying for a long time but you re still on a limited budget then the Wapsi Fly Tying kit is the best fly tying kit under $100.00

If money is not an issue then the ORVIS Premium Fly Tying Kit is by far the best fly tying kit for beginners.

Build Your Own Kit

Tool Kit

I’ll be honest with you, sometimes the cheaper fly tying kits just don’t have a great vise or great tools.

If I was going to start over and get all new fly tying stuff I would build my own fly tying kit and there are easier ways to do this.

I would start with a quality tool kit like the Loon Fly Tools Kit. It has all tools you would need to tie a fly. See a good YouTube Review HERE.

Another great one is the Dr Slick Fly Tying Tools Kit . The Dr. Slick brand is well known for quality fly tying tools and this kit sells for about $60.00 on Amazon.

Griffen Spider Vise

Then I would get a middle-of-the-line fly tying vise. You do not need a high-end vise that will cost you $200 or more.

I’ve tied a thousand flies, some as small as a mosquito on my Griffen Vise which is about $99.00. Another Vise to Consider is the Peak Rotary Vise for about $165.00

I’ll be doing a post on the top 5 Fly Tying Vises – Coming Soon

Fly Tying Materials

When I started fly tying I bought materials because I thought I needed them when really I didn’t. I have fly tying materials that are over 30 years old, sitting collecting dust, and will likely never be used. Don’t be like me!

When it comes to fly tying materials I’ll give you the same advice I give to all my clients.

Find out the 4 to 6 best flies for your area or the river you want to fish, then Google search the fly tying recipe (all the required materials) for each fly and then only buy the materials based on what you need for those flies.

Many rivers or many areas have hatch charts to help you determine what flies are best.

Fly Tying Accessories

These are some things to consider to help improve your fly tying experience or to help keep you organized.

Cabela’s Prestige Fly Tying Station

The Cabelas Prestige Fly Tying Station is as roomy as it gets while remaining portable.

This is a workstation to help you set up and keep everything organized. You can mount your vise on the left or right depending on which way that you want to tie.

It has 24 holes to hold your tools as well as storage rods to hold your thread.

It also comes with a material bin, and a hook well which makes for easy access to hooks so you can tie faster. You decide on how many flies your tie and you pull that many hooks out all at once and set them in the hook well. You can also store beads and other materials in the wells.

The base is designed so that it doesn’t move around.

Key Features:

  • Constructed of hardwood for durability and looks.
  • Right and left vise mounts
  • Many holes for storing all your tools
  • Storage rods that move to store your fly tying thread spools.
  • A material bin and hook/bead wells for easy access
  • A base that is non-skid so it stays securely in place when you are tying.

NOTE: Vice, tools, and fly tying material are not included.

Cabela’s Tying Organizer

Cabelas Wind River Tying Organizer is a great way to organize your fly tying table with places to store your tool, thread spools, hooks, beads, and more.

This organizer is portable and comes with a non-skid base so it can be placed on any table or desk.

It also comes with a magnetic strip to control hooks and finished flies.

Key Features:

  • Size : 11.25″ x 9.75″ x 5″
  • Good storage for your tools, the spools you will be using as well as your hook, and beads and containers.
  • A Magnetic strip for holding loose hooks and finished flies
  • It is made of hardwood for durability and looks and it has a non-skid base.

Cabelas Basic Fly Tying Desk

The hardwood Cabela’s Big Horn Fly-Tying Bench is what I crafted my fly tying station to be like.

This tabletop tying platform organizer is portable and great for any table or desk.

The bench conveniently accommodates tools and components.

The Cabela’s Big Horn Fly-Tying Bench has a mount for your vise or you can secure your vise from the front like I do and it comes with a non-skid bottom so it won’t move around or damage your table.

It has plenty of holes for your tools and a removable rod built to help you organize your thread spools.

The base has 11 wells for your hooks, containers, beads, cement bottle, and finished flies.

Key features include:

  • 11.9″ x 7.7″ x 2″
  • Hardwood for durability and looks.
  • It will hold most or all of your tying tools and some materials like tying threads
  • Non-skid base to keep it in place
  • 11 different sized wells for small components

Learn Fly FIshing

Got to my learn to fly fish page to get more information and tips.

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Thanks for visiting my blog post about fly tying kits for beginners and intermediate anglers. This is where all the information comes from a professional guide with over 20 years of guiding experience and 35 years of fly tying experience.

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