15 Best Fly Rods For Trout 2024: Best Fly Rods For All Budgets

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Recently, a student at one of my fly fishing classes asked me about the best fly rods for trout and which ones I recommend. I get this question often. If I had to guess, over my 22 years of being a fishing guide, I’ve probably cast a few hundred rods ranging from $50 to over $1000.

These rods will cover you in all price ranges, but I’ll give you plenty of other options for good fly rods below.

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The 3 Best Fly Rods For Trout

Best Fly Rods For Trout

These are the three best fly rods right now, these are the best fly rods in each price range.

Best Under $200

TFO Professional III Fly Rod

  • Best Under $240.00
  • It gets great reviews and isused by guides.
  • Good for all anglers and skill levels.
  • Medium fast-action with a progressive taper.
  • Feels and fishes like a rod twice the price.

Best Under $500

Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod

Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod

  • Good small to large streams.
  • Multiple sizes to suit your needs.
  • Great 25-year Warranty and Service from one of the best companies in fly fishing.
  • Get great reviews.

Best Over $500

This is the Sage R8 Core Fly Rod

Sage R8 Core Fly Rod

  • A completely redesigned graphite technology.
  • This rod casted amazing, and controlling and fighting fish was fun.
  • I found that it was sensitive when using methods like high-stick nymphing.

If you are not sure what weight fly rod is best for you, check out my page What Weight Fly Rod For Trout.

Budget Fly Rods For Trout: $49.99 to $200.00

An angler making a long cast. dry fly fishing leader

These are the four best budget rods for beginners or anglers on a tighter budget. These rods range from $49.99 to $200.00

White River Fly Rod

I have used the 2-piece and 4-piece White River Fly Shop Dogwood Canyon Fly Rod many times. I have had many new fly fishing students and clients come to the river with this rod. The first time I cast this fly rod, I was surprised at how well it performed considering this rod sells for around $50.00.

Therefore, for a new angler, for kids, or an angler on a serious budget, I have no problem recommending this as one of the best low-budget fly rods for trout under $50.00.

For most trout fishing, the four or five-weight sizes would be good options.

Okuma SLV Fly Rod

Okuma SLV Fly Rod

I have always liked Okuma products and feel they are great for the angler on a budget. The Okuma SLV Fly Rod is no different and it is one of the best budget fly rods for under $80.00.

This SLV fly rod in the 4 and 5-weight size is ideal for small to mid-sized rivers and for trout up to 6 pounds.

New trout anglers, kids, and guys on a very tight budget will do well with this fly rod for trout fishing.

TFO Signature Series 2 Fly Rod – Guides Choice

Temple Fork Outfitters Signature II Fly Rod

These rods are much better than the previous rods, but are almost double or triple the price of the first two rods. However, the performance of these rods reflects that higher price.

The TFO Signature Series 2 fly rod is a great trout rod for trout. I’ve owned and guided with a few of these rods, and when I compared them to some of my $300 to $400 dollars fly rods, I felt as though this fly rod cast and fished just as well, but for half the price.

In fact, for a few years, these and the signature series 1 fly rods were my go-to guide rods and were the ones that I provided my fly fishing students in my learn to fly fish classes and to my clients that needed rods to use on guide trips.

A top river fishing guide with a fly fishing client

And even though I owned $400 to $700 rods, I would still fish these at times simply because they were so nice to fish with.

These are excellent rods for trout in the 3, 4, and 5 weight sizes. This fly rod also gets great customer feedback. The TFO company provides a good warranty and customer service. Although this fly rod is what I would still consider a budget fly rod, it fishes and feels like a rod worth two to three times more.

All that makes the TFO Signature Series 2 rods a good fly in the $150.00 price range, and I can confidently recommend this rod.

Temple Fork Outfitters Professional 3 Fly Rod

TFO Pro 3 Fly Rod

The Temple Fork Outfitters Professional III Rod is one step up from the TFO Signature series but still comes in under $230.00.

It is a great rod for any angler from beginner to advanced.

With slightly better components and a nicer feel and balance, combined with more rod sizes and length options, this is a great fly rod for trout.

This rod in the 3 to 5 weight would be a good option on most small to mid-sized rivers.

Best Mid-Range Fly Rods For Trout: $200 to $500

An angler fishing a small stream
My fishing buddy fly fshing in a very productive spot with his mid-priced rod, which is perfect for catching trout on small and large streams.

Mid-range rods in the $200 to $500 dollar range will feel lighter, be more responsive, be better balanced, be more sensitive, cast a little better, and fish nicer than the budget rods. This is due to better components and rod materials used to make the rods.

This has always been my preferred rod price range since my clients and I can be hard on fly rods, and because handing someone a $1000 dollar rod and then watching them accidentally break it sucks.

Not only that, but I have discovered that most anglers can’t tell the difference between an $800 dollar rod and a $200 or $300 dollar rod when it comes to performance and components.

Best Trout Fly Rods Under $250

So this is a tough one because there are two fly rods that I have used in the $200 to $250 price range that both cast and fish great. Either of these fly rods could be the best fly rod for trout that sells for around $250, and I’m not sure I could say one is better than the other when it comes to actually fishing for trout.

Not only that, but they both come from reputable companies with excellent service and warranties.

Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod – Guides Choice

Orvis ClearWater Fly Rod

Of the two rods, the one that I have used probably most is the Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod.

Many of the anglers that I guide own this rod and have been able to get a lot of feedback.

Clients that use this rod and other guides that I have talked to have said great things about this fly rod for trout fishing.

The Orvis Clearwater fly rod also gets many great reviews from users online, as well as from other websites.

I also recommend Orvis rods over other fly rods simply because of their great service and warranty. Since rods break, a great warranty is a bonus.

Fenwick Aetos Fly Rod

The other rod under $250.00 is the Fenwick AETOS Fly Rod. I have recommended this rod before for other types of fishing, but this is one of the best trout fly rods under $250.00.

The Aetos Fly Rod also gets great reviews from users and other websites that rate and review rods.

I have personally used this rod many times, and it is also used by one of my guides. I have a few of my clients who use this rod as their primary fly rod for trout fishing, and they all say great things about it.

Best Trout Fly Rods Under $500.00

If your budget for fly rods is between $250 and $500, consider these three fly rods for trout.

Temple Fork Outfitters Blue Ribbon Fly Rod

Known as a good multi-purpose rod for use with multiple trout fishing methods.

The TFO Blue Ribbon rod is a good trout rod in the 3 to 5 weight.

This rod comes in at around $260.00

St. Croix Imperial USA Fly Rod

St Croix Imperial Fly Rod

This is another rod I have owned and guided with.

The 8’6 to 9-foot rod in 3 to 5 weight would be a great choice of fly rod for trout.

Depending on the rod size, this rod sells for between $270 and $330.00

Sage Foundation Fly Rod

Sage Foundation Fly Rod

Sage is known for high-quality rods that fish amazingly. The Sage Foundation fly rod is one of the best and cheapest Sage rods.

I’ve seen this rod sell anywhere from $430.00 to $500.

The 4 and 5-weight Sage Foundation is a great fly rod for trout.

Best Fly Rods Over $500.00

If your budget for fly rods is between $500 and $1000, consider these three fly rods for trout.

Douglas Upstream Ultra-Lite Fly Rod

Douglas Upstream Fly Rod

The Douglas Upstream fly rod is designed for small stream trout fishing.

This is meant for small flies like dry flies and ranges from 2 to 4 weight.

Depending on the rod size it can run from $430 to $530.00

I have used the 8’8″ 4 weight and loved this rod and this is what I recommend for general purpose small stream trout fishing.

Orvis Recon Freshwater Fly Rod

This is one of the best trout rods for fly fishing from Orvis.

With enough power to chuck streamer but still delicate enough to cast dry flies, this rod will do it all.

It sells for around $600.00

Sage Trout LL Fly Rod

Perfect for drifting dries to fish slurping meals off the surface, the Sage Trout LL Fly Rod boasts a through-blank taper optimization you’ll appreciate when tossing small flies with precise accuracy matters most. A supple tip protects your light tippets, while an easy-loading middle section gives you the feel you need for accurate casts.

Retail Price $925.00

Hardy Ultralite NSX SR

Honorable mention goes to the Hardy Ultralite NSX SR. Over the last few years, most of the rods I have guided with have been Hardy Rods, so I recommend them a lot.

Hardy is a well-known name in the fly fishing world, and this rod is a new addition to the award-winning ultra-lite range of Hardy rods. The Hardy Ultralite NSX SR rod is designed for trout fishing in small rivers.

The only reason I give it an honorable mention and not a full-out recommendation is due to recent inventory issues that have made it difficult to get, and there is no point recommending rods you can’t get.

However, it’s back in stock, so it’s worth checking out at Trident Fly Fishing or FishUSA.com.

Another great rod designed for small stream trout fishing and one worth checking out is the G. Loomis NRX+ LP Lite Presentation Fly Rod.

Be sure to check out my article, The Best Fly Fishing Reels For Trout next.

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