17 Best Fly Fishing Combos Of 2024: Buyers Guide

One of my clients with a brand new fly fishing combo and a little trout he caught with it.
One of my clients with a brand new fly combo and a little trout he caught with it.

Fly Fishing combos take the setup and guessing out of the equation for beginners and intermediates, making getting out to fly fish faster and easier. As a fly fishing guide and fly casting instructor, I have had the opportunity to fish with many different fly rod and reel combos.

The best fly fishing combos are the ones that:

  • Fit your budget.
  • Work for the type of fish You are going after.
  • Work for the type of water you want to fish.
  • Work for the method of fly fishing you want to use.

I recommend buying the most expensive combo you can afford. I also highly recommend avoiding the really cheap combos, which don’t last long, and will make fishing and casting much harder.

I can also tell you from experience that beginner anglers learn better and faster when they are using a better rod and fly line, which are things you don’t always get in very cheap fly-fishing combos.

When I ran my fly fishing classes, with up to eight students per class, I used fly rod and reel combos because they cast well and were already set up for me and my clients.

The best overall fly rod and reel combos are:

  • Sage Foundation Outfit: Best High-End Combo
  • Temple Fork Outfitters NXT: best mid-range combo
  • Wild Water Standard Fly Rod Combo: Best economy combo

If you are looking for a fly combo to do a specific job, then the Redington Field Kit fly series are pretty awesome. They have fly combos designed for specific species or for specific methods, which I will show you below.

If you’re not sure which combo is right for you, or what size you need, I explain that at the bottom of this page.

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17 Best Fly Fishing Combos Listed

  1. Sage Foundation Outfit – $650
  2. Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod & Reel Outfit – $419 – $565
  3. Redington Field Kit Salmon Fly Outfit – $389.99
  4. Redington Field Kit Bass Fly Outfit -$389.99
  5. Redington Field Kit Trout Fly Outfit -$389.99
  6. Redington Field Kit Coastal Coldwater Fly Outfit – $389.99
  7. Redington Field Kit Trout Spey Fly Outfit – $529.99
  8. Redington Vice Fly Outfit – $329.00
  9. Temple Fork Outfitters NXT Prespooled Fly Outfit – $269.99
  10. Greys Fin Euro Nymph Fly Rod & Reel Combo – $230.00
  11. Redington Path Fly Rod Combo – $229.00
  12. Echo Lift Fly Rod Combo – $189.99
  13. Echo Gecko Youth Outfit – $189.99
  14. Orvis Encounter Fly Outfit – $198.00
  15. Wild Water Standard Combo: Full Kit – $94.00
  16. M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch Extreme Fly Combo Kit – $87.99
  17. Maxcatch Premier – $170.00

Best Fly Combos And Full Fly Fishing Kits

As I think of my introduction to the fly fishing community, I would have loved to have had one of these great combos or full fly fishing kits on my first weekend fishing trip.

A fly fishing rod and reel combo usually includes the rod, reel, backing, fly line, and a leader. All you need to do is tie on a fly.

A fly fishing rod and reel combo kit can include flies, tippet, pliers, and more.

If you are looking to get started fly fishing, having an entire fly fishing kit just makes it super easy.

My top choice for a budget fly rod and reel combo is the Orvis Encounter Outfit, and if you want an entire fly fishing kit, check out the Maxcatch Extreme Fly Fishing Rod and Reel kit with or without a fishing vest. I show you this outfit below.

But all of these combos below are worth considering.

After reading this, if you would prefer to buy your fly rod and fly reel separately, check out:

Sage Foundation Outfit – BEST OVERALL

I don’t think I’ve cast a sage rod I didn’t like, and the Sage Foundation is no exception.

Sage just makes great fly rods!!

Whether you’re casting heavy nymphs and indicators or big dry flies with droppers, the Foundation’s quick action will help you get the job done. Superior handling means you’ll be prepared for anything on the water, from casting large flies to presenting small flies like caddis and mayflies with ease.

The black-anodized aluminum locking reel seat and the ceramic stripper and chrome snake guides give the Foundation Fly Rod a durable construction that allows it to function for extended periods of time. For increased convenience and command, saltwater weights feature a snub-nose cork grip and a fighting butt.

Have confidence in your purchase knowing that your Sage Fly Rod is covered by a lifetime warranty. That just makes a great fly rod combo even better

The included fly box is loaded with good trout fishing flies. The floating line included is a bonus

The Sage Foundation Outfit is an excellent choice for fly fishermen who want a fly rod that can handle a variety of fishing situations and looks good doing it. Among all the combos, the Sage offers the best fly fishing rod.

As far as I am concerned, the Sage Foundation Outfit is about the best combo for fly fishing you could have.

Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod & Reel Outfit: Guides Choice

Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod & Reel Outfit

I own, use, and guide with this kit and can honestly say it’s my first choice in a combo for fly fishing.

It comes in three-weight to eight-weight, which will cover most species from small trout to salmon. It also has a Euro Nymphing setup.

This is a great casting and fishing combo.

What You Get:

  • Clearwater Rod
  • Clearwater Reel (large Arbor)
  • Clearwater Fly Line
  • Rod Tube
  • 25-year guarantee

Redington Field Kits

Redington Field Kit Trout Fly Outfit

I have to say, Redington has done a great job making multiple fly rod and reel combos that are purpose-specific.

I have tried the Trout, bass, and salmon outfits, and they cast well and fish well.

Some of these combos I’ll discuss in more detail below, but to check the prices and to get more details on the one you prefer, just click the links.

Depending on the model, your kit could come with the Redington RUN fly reel or the Premier RIO Grand Fly Line

Redington VICE Combo

Redington Vice Fly Fishing Combo

If you’re interested in getting into fly fishing but would prefer a higher-quality rod reel outfit with a lifetime warranty, consider the Beginner Premium Fly Fishing Outfit Package.

This is the best fly rod in this price bracket with a superb feel and fishing action. The Redington VICE Fly Rod Outfit is included in the Beginner Premium Package.

Accessories include a Double-Sided Fly Box, an RIO Powerflex Tippet, a 3-pack of RIO Leaders, and a Ghost Net made from hardwood.

Redington is known for their high-quality, high-performance fly rods that rival those of more expensive brands without maxing out your credit card. When shopping for fly fishing equipment, Redington is your best bet for getting the most for your money in terms of performance from a fly rod combo.

Temple Fork Outfitters NXT Prespooled Fly Outfit

Temple Fork Outfitters NXT Prespooled Fly Outfit

TFO’s goal is to make fly fishing accessible to everyone with its NXT Black Label line. TFO’s NXT series kits are the industry standard for fly fishing academies and programs in the United States, thus we rank them as our top combo.

These high-quality fly fishing kits reduce the amount of time and effort required to begin this enjoyable pastime. Built around a medium-fast blank, the action is forgiving enough for short casts into the wind and delicate presentations while remaining soft enough for light leads to load rapidly.

The matte black surface is attractive, and the reconstituted cork grips are available in half wells (5-weight) and full wells (8-weight).

The fly fishing reel with a disc drag system comes with 20# Dacron backing, and the fly line is composed of a superior weight-forward floating line with a welded front loop leader. To ensure that the angler feels the rod load fast and can cast a fly rapidly, the 80 ft. fly line is up-lined one line size. In a cordura case for the rod and reel, the NXT Black Label fishing kits come equipped for fishing.

The NXT Black Label boasts the highest performance to price ratio of any fly fishing outfit available and is backed by TFO’s renowned no-fault lifetime warranty, making it the perfect present for the aspiring fly angler or an excellent backup for the fisherman who has everything.

Best Combo For Euro Nymphing

Greys Fin Euro Nymph Fly Rod & Reel Combo

The Greys Fin Euro Nymph Fly Rod & Reel Combo is one of the nicest Euro Nymphing rod and reel combos I have tried.

The Greys Fin Euro Nymph Fly Rod & Reel Combo comes in a 10 foot 3 weight rod which is the one that I have used, or it comes in a 11 foot 3 weight model.

It Comes With:

  • Fin Euro nymph fly rod
  • FIN alloy fly reel
  • Euro Style Line

There are two other Euro Nymphing combos which include Redington Field Kit Euro Nymphing Outfit, and the Orvis 10 foot 3wt Clearwater Euro Nymph Combo. .

Redington Path 2 Fly Rod Outfit

Redington is well known in the fly fishing world so when it comes to “packaged” outfits, the Redington Path Outfits are among the nicest we’ve seen.

The Path, formerly known as the Pursuit, is a medium-fast action rod suitable for beginner and for novice casters or those who want a more casual approach to casting. This rod comes with a solid reel suitable even for big fish.

Anglers on the go will appreciate the versatility offered by four-piece models, which are also more convenient to stow behind the back seat. This is a fly rod combo most anglers would be proud to own.

Another feature that is rarely seen in a set at this price is a lifetime warranty.

3 Best Saltwater Fly Combos

There are three saltwater fly reel and rod combos to consider. Becuase the saltwater can damage metal parts your reel need to be made specifically for saltwater otherwise the internal parts can corrode even from just a trip or two.

Consider these three saltwater fly outfits:

Redington Path Complete Saltwater Fly Outfit

Similar to the above Redington Path Outfit, except with a rod, reel, and line that are more suitable for saltwater fishing.

Check it out at: Trident Fly Fishing

Two other rods that I mentioned above are:

Echo Lift Fly Outfit

Echo Lift Fly Outfit

The Echo Lift Kits are ideal for novice fishermen and experienced anglers alike who always seem to have a set up stashed in the back of their van. It has everything you need to go fishing, from a high-performance rod and reel to superb line and a mono tapered leader.

This ready-to-go package has everything you need, from a sturdy carrying case to six carefully selected and hand-tied flies. A beginner who purchases this rod reel set will get a lifetime of use out of it.

Best Fly Fishing Outfit for Kids

Echo Gecko Youth Fly Outfit

The best way to get kids hooked on fishing is to give them the right fly fishing gear.

Kids don’t like a relaxing day of fishing as much as their parents do.

Without any action, even the most dedicated child will lose interest. Start young anglers off right by teaching them how to use a small spinning rod in a stocked pond full of fish that are simple to reel in (bluegill, sunfish, bass).

More fish in the water means more potential catches. While adults may be content to wait all day for that one huge fish, most kids would rather quickly reel in 50 smaller fish. Get them hooked on catching fish then move on to a quality rod reel combo.

For youngsters, I highly recommend the Echo Gecko Fly Fishing Kit. Getting young children interested in fly fishing is a success if and only if they enjoy it. The gecko will be useful in this respect. The green-flecked-camo-looking handle is made for two-handed casts, which can be simpler for smaller hands. The rod is a striking shade of yellow.

Echo fly rods are simply the best fly rod for beginners. This rod has a medium-fast action that is easygoing and forgiving, making it ideal for young anglers.

Orvis Encounter Fly Outfit: Best For The Money

Orvis Encounter Fly Rod & Reel Outfit

This might be the most popular fly outfit for my clients because I can’t think of another fly rod and reel combo that I have seen more.

Instead of calling the Encounter Rod outfits “entry-level,” I like to call them “affordable awesomeness.”

Part of the attraction of this combo is that in comes in under $200.00.

The revised Encounter series of rods combines cutting-edge rod design with a smooth, crisp performance at a price that makes them accessible to serious anglers of all budgets.

What you get is a weight-forward floating line, backing, and a leader included in addition to the large arbor Encounter reel.

The large arbor reel features a smooth drag system that will help you catch fish and is good for any fly fisher. it will even handle larger fish.

The Encounter rod set is the most reasonably priced option available, making the Orvis Encounter Outfit a must-have.

This Orvis Encounter outfit is certainly one of my top picks for “best fly fishing rod and reel for the money.” This is definitely the best fly rod for the money in this lineup

Wild Water Standard Fly Fishing Full Kit

I’ve already mentioned that I’m not a big fan of discount fly combos because they make it harder to learn with and to fish with.

But this one is actually decent,t and I know not everyone is going to want to spend $200.00. Plus this is more than just a combo, it’s a whole starter kit.

Therefore, get the Wild Water Fly Combo if you’re trying to get an entry-level fly fishing kit and need to save money.

Coming in around $100.00, it’s an affordable way for newcomers to the sport of fly fishing to get their feet wet. The Wild Water Combo provides unexpected value for the cost. The price is excellent, the functionality is great, and the quality is more than satisfactory.

The carrying case that comes with the Wild Water bundle is rather nice. It fits the rod (which separates into four pieces) and the reel, and there’s even a little side pouch for other fly fishing gear. I was rather pleased when I began to cast around and test the waters.

The reel operates with minimal resistance and may be set up for use with either the left or right hand.

The fishing rod can be controlled with ease and has respectable precision. The Wild Water is the best fly rod for close fishing. Within twenty or thirty feet, you can pinpoint your target and place your fly precisely where fish will eat it.

I consider this best budget fly fishing kit that still provides superior quality.

Maxcatch Extreme Fly Rod Combo: Full Kit

MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch Extreme Fly Fishing Combo Kit

This package has everything a novice angler needs to get started, along with some extras like a line straightener, forceps, and clippers.

With this rod, reel, and line setup, I am able to cast far, reel in plenty of line, and avoid arm fatigue thanks to the equipment’s comfortable weight and balance.

The Maxcatch reel combo is a tenth of the price of my high-end rods but casts just as effectively.

The case is second only to the rod itself. Each segment of the rod has its own sleeve within the hollow tube that prevents it from banging against other segments and getting scratched or damaged.

The reel can remain attached to the rod inside the carrying container, protecting it from loss or damage.

The fly box can be stored in either the side or reel pouch. Everything else, like an extra fly box, reel, etc., can be stored in the convenient side bag.

In conclusion, I find that this package offers excellent value for the money. This rod, reel, and line setup casts far and battles fish effectively. I think this is one of the best budget-friendly fly fishing outfits around.

There is also an option for an ultralight trout and panfish combo, see M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch Ultra-Lite Fly Rod for Stream River Panfish/Trout Fishing

Most Complete Fly Fishing Kit

Maxcatch Premier Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

The Maxcatch Premier fly fishing kit is the most complete kit I have seen and is a good choice for new fly fishermen and kids.

Coming in under $175.00, it’s hard to beat the value of this fly fishing kit.

Best Fly Combo For Salmon and Steelhead

Everything you need to go after Atlantic salmon, Chinooks, Chums, Cohos, Pinks, and Sockeyes, with the exception of flies, is included in the Redington Field Kit Salmon Fly Outfit.

The Field Kit Salmon Fly Outfit features a 9-foot medium-fast action fly rod, and a RIO Grand 8-weight fly line, all manufactured by RIO Products. In both the ocean and their native freshwater rivers, you’ll have plenty of stopping power to deal with these powerful fish.

 A 9-foot, 20-pound Salmon/Steelhead tapered leader from RIO Products is included with the Field Kit Salmon Outfit, along with a Cordura case and a lifetime guarantee from the company.

With a Redington Field Kit Salmon Fly Outfit, you’ll be ready to fish anywhere in the world, from the Great Lakes Region with nymphs to the Arctic Ocean with heavy streamers.

Before You Buy A Fly Fishing Kit

Fly combos consist of a rod, reel, and line, and they are weighted by a weight system, which you need to know about before you purchase a combo.

Fly Combo Ratings

  • 1 to 3 weight combos – Best For – Small trout, panfish, tiny streams, dry fly fishing, light nymphing, and wet fly fishing
  • 4 and 5 weight combos – Best For – Bigger trout, small bass, larger rivers up to 100 feet wide, dry fly fishing, nymphing, wet fly fishing, light streamer fishing.
  • 6 to 8 weight – Best For – Steelhead (7 and 8 weights), bass, pike, streamer fishing with big streamers, big rivers, and lake fishing
  • 9 to 11 weight – Salmon and saltwater species, musky and large pike, big water, large streamer flies,

What Is A Fly Fishing Kit/Combo?

A fly fishing combo is a prepared kit that usually includes the fly rod, fly reel, fly line, and fly leader, all setup and ready to go. Just add a fly and start fishing.

Pros And Cons Of Buying A Combo

A fly rod combo set has both benefits and drawbacks.


  • Typically, the total cost of a combo is cheaper than if the items were purchased separately.
  • All the components of a fly rod and reel combo are carefully calibrated to work together in harmony. Selecting the proper reel to go with your new rod is now a breeze.
  • When compared to shopping around for the best parts within your budget, making a single purchase is much quicker and easier.
  • The fly line is usually a weight-forward fly line, which is good and preferred by more fly fishermen.
  • Generally, a good fly rod for beginner and for novice fishermen.
  • Most rod and reel combos have a medium action rod or medium fast, which I believe is the best fly rod action for new anglers.
  • Most of the best fly rod combos come with a rod tube.


  • It’s impossible to personalize a pre-made combos or get inventive.
  • With many rod and reel combos, the rod is usually pretty good, but the fly line and the fly reel are lower quality.
  • Limited rod weights are available.
  • The current market for rod and reel sets is somewhat small.

How To Choose The Right Fly Combo For You

Consider these things before you buy a rod combo.

  • Type of fish or size of fish
  • Method to be used
  • Budget

Pro Tip: Avoid any fly rod and reel combo that costs less than $100.

Tight Lines,


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  1. Always loved your content,
    I think another easy way for a kid to get into fly fishing would be a Tenkara.
    The limited line and simplicity make it easy for kids, the casting is intuitive and kid spends more time “catching fishing ” than mastering equipment handling(line handling etc) .
    Since its generally a mono rig the drifts are pretty good and for pond fishing the kids can cast a terrestrial with all the line off the water, it makes the legs move but the fly moves extremely slowly jut like a real bug, fish find this hard to resist.

    1. Hey buddy,

      Long time since we’ve been on the water together, I hope you are well and had a good trout opener. Thanks for the tips on the Tenkara, I’m hoping to take some on-the-water photos and write some articles on Tenkara fishing this summer.