Best Fishing Line For Salmon Trolling: Pro Tips

This is the Stealthcore line which is the best fishing line for Salmon trolling if you want to use lead line.

If you want to know the best fishing line for salmon trolling, the lines that the charter boats and experienced salmon anglers all use, you’ve come to the right place.

I will tell you the best trolling lines and sizes that have been tested and proven to be the best lines for each and all methods of trolling for salmon.

Types Of Lines Used For Trolling Salmon

There are four types of fishing lines made from different materials and used to troll for salmon. Some lines are better for certain methods and line sizes vary.

Some lines, like wire lines, require special rods, and some main lines, like lead core, are thick and need big baitcasting trolling reels to hold the line. See Best Trolling Rods For Salmon, and Best Trolling Reels For Salmon Fishing.

Type of Line Method of Trolling Recommended Fishing Line Recommended Line Size
Monofilament Line Downrigger Berkley Big Game Line 25 to 35 pounds
Downrigger Ande Line
Downrigger Blood Run Tackle Sea Flee Monofilament Line 30 pounds
Downrigger Maxima Ultragreen Monofilament Line 30 pounds
Wire Fishing Line Dipsy / Flat Line American Fishing Wire Surfstrand Camo Wire 30 pounds
Dipsy / Flat Line Torpedo 7-Strand Trolling Wire Line
Copper Fishing Line Dipsy / Flat Line Blood Run Tackle Super Copper Trolling Wire 40 to 45 pounds
Dipsy / Flat Line American Fishing Wire Copper Surfstrand
Lead Core Fishing Line Dipsy/Planner/Flat Line Stealthcore® Lead Core 27 Pound Test
Dipsy/Planner/Flat Line TUF-LINE MicroLead Lead Core
Braided Line Dipsy/Planer/Flat PowerPro Braided Spectra Fiber Line 50 to 80 pounds
Dipsy/Planer/Flat Sufix 832 Advanced Superline
Fluorocarbon Line Donwnrigger/Dipsy/Planer/Flat Seaguar InvizX Fluorocarbon Leader Material 25 to 30 pounds
Mono Leader All Methods Maxima (for Dipsy Divers) 30 to 40 pounds

Monofilament Line

Monofilament line is sold everywhere, it’s inexpensive compared to other lines used for salmon trolling, and it can be used with all methods. The downside to mono is that will stretch under load, and it can be thick when compared to other lines, so with the exception of one trolling method, most anglers don’t use it often.

  • The most common size for most methods is 25 to 30 pounds.
  • The preferred methods monofilament line is used for are downrigger fishing and flat-lining.

The Best Monofilament Fishing Lines For Salmon Fishing

  1. Berkely Big Game Line: The clear Berkely Big Game line is one of the most popular mono lines for salmon trolling. 25 to 35 pound is popular with downrigger anglers. Check Price
  2. Ande Line: Ande fishing lines have been popular with most salmon anglers for over 20 years and are still used by anglers today. Check Price
  3. Blood Run Tackle Sea Flee Monofilament Line: In some areas, the Spiny Water Fleas can cause some problems gumming up the lines and rod guides. This line is made to prevent the build up of spiny water fleas. Buy it in 30 pound test – Check Price
  4. Maxima Ultragreen Monofilament Line: 30-pound Maxima Ultra Green is a favorite amongst many salmon trollers. 660 yards will do a couple of reels. Check Price

Pro Tip: Some angler will run different colored lines, green, blue, clear, because if you tangle lines, having two different color lines can make it a bit easier to untangle the lines.

Best Wire Fishing Lines For Salmon Trolling

Wire lines are made from single strand or multi strand wire and are very thin in diameter for their strength. They are the preferred line for some methods such as dipsy diver fishing and flat line fishing.

Size: Most angers use 30 pound test wire lines.

The thin diameter and extra weight of the wire line allow anglers to get there lure or cut bait deeper without using downriggers. Wire lines require special trolling rods with roller guides and/or Twili tips

Guide Tip: Make sure you do not link the wire line, as this will cause it to be weak and break.

Best Wire Lines For Trolling Salmon

  1. American Fishing Wire Surfstrand Camo Wire: American Fishing Wire Camo is one of the most popular and most used wire line for trolling. Check Price
  2. Torpedo 7-Strand Trolling Wire Line – Another good wire line for trolling. Check Price

Best Copper Fishing Line For Trolling Salmon

Copper lines are similar to wire lines. Copper lines are preferred lines for certain methods when anglers need to get their bait or lure extra deep.

Copper Line Size – Use 40 to 45-pound copper line, for most salmon trolling. The 32-pound copper for smaller fish and salmon anglers claim it is more user-friendly but you will get more depth with the 45-pound copper.

  1. Blood Run Tackle Super Copper Trolling Wire – Most popular copper line for salmon trolling – Check Price
  2. American Fishing Wire Copper Surfstrand – Another popular copper line for trolling salmon. Check Price.

Best Lead Core Fishing Line For Trolling Salmon

Lead Core lines are basically weighted lines that anglers use for certain methods where they need to get the lure or bait deeper without using downriggers. Lead core lines are used a lot due to their sink. rate.

  1. Stealthcore® Lead Core – 27 Pound Test is best – Check Price
  2. TUF-LINE MicroLead Lead Core – Some salmon anglers really like the thinner Micor lead core lines since it has less drag in the water.

What About Braided Line For Salmon Trolling

Braided lines are used and liked or even preferred by some salmon fisherman when trolling. I flat-line troll for spring coho salmon with braided lines and long mono leader over 30 feet, with plugs and crankbaits. Some fishermen also like braid for trolling dipsy divers.

Salmon fishermen use super lines or braided lines like:

  • PowerPro Braided Spectra Fiber Line – 50lbs to 80 pounds are used for salmon trolling. Check Price
  • Sufix 832 Advanced Superline – This is a highly recommended braided line and is also well liked for river Salmon fishing. Check Price

The upside to braid it you can get a lot of it on the line and it is thin so it cuts the water well and this can nead a deeper bait.

The downside to braid is that is has zero stretch and you can pull a lot of hooks out of the salmon mouths, especially on the hook set. Some angler will use a long 30 to 50 foot mono leader as a shock absorber.

Fluorocarbon Line and Fluorocarbon Leaders.

Fluorocarbon line is not used as much as mono but fluorocarbon line is used as leader material attached to the main line and is used for all the salmon fishing methods. Many anglers like 25 to 30 pound Seaguar InvizX fluorocarbon leader material for its abrasion resistance and proven track record. Check Price

Mono Leader

Mono leader like Maxima is also preferred by most anglers because the salmon don’t seem to be line shy when trolling and mono around 25 to 30 pounds is much cheaper than fluorocarbon leader.

Best Fishing Lines Dipsy Divers

Wire Line is often preferred for Dipsy Rods and 30 pound wire lines are best for Dipsy Divers. You can also use braided lines which have less stretch and a thin diameter, and a popular braid is PowerPro in 50 to 80 pounds. These lines have no stretch so be sure you are using the right rods.

When salmon fishing with Dipsy Divers, some salmon anglers will also use 30 to 40-pound mono and they prefer the Berkely Big Game line.

Best Lines For Downrigger Fishing

When it comes to downrigger fishing you want a shorty softer tip rod with the right fishing line of 25 to 40-pound clear monofilament line. The mono line is best because it will hold best in the downrigger releases and it gives you a bit of stretch

  • Berkely Big Game Line: This is likely the most popular mono line for salmon trolling.
  • Andy: An old-school line in my area that still works great today.

Best Lines For Planner Board Fishing

Copper and lead core lines are used to run far out the side of the boat on longer, softer rods. These are the best lines to use on a ski system or planner boards.

Braided line and monofilament lines can also be used when fishing planner boards.

NOTE: Anglers use other lines when backtrolling for salmon in rivers or when bait fishing in rivers. See Best Lines For Salmon Fishing In Rivers.

Backing For Your Baitcasting Reel

The braid is thin and is often used as backing to fill up the spool in case you get a huge chinook salmon that want to make a 1000 foot run. Braid has zero stretch, is lightweight, and is suitable for saltwater trolling.

Best Fishing Line For Salmon Trolling Q&A

If you have a question on the best fishing lines for salmon trolling, or would like to share your favorite lines, let us know in the comment section below.

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