Salmon Fishing With Corn: Guide Tested Results

Big salmon are fun to catch and it is possible to catch them when salmon fishing with corn
Big salmon are fun to catch, but is it possible to catch them on corn? Yes, it is! But before you go out and get some corn for your next salmon trip, read this first.

I have been testing all kinds of baits for salmon for over two decades. As a fishing guide, I need baits that consistently catch salmon for my clients. I have thoroughly explored salmon fishing with corn under real fishing conditions.

I have heard and read anglers recommending corn to catch salmon. So, I plan to answer some common questions about fishing for salmon with corn.

  • Is corn as good of a bait for salmon as some anglers claim?
  • Can corn help you catch more salmon?
  • Should you use corn to catch salmon?
  • Do guides use corn when fishing for salmon?

The short NO-BS answer to all of these questions is a big fat NO.

Despite the claims from some anglers, corn is what I would consider a low-percentage bait. Corn should ONLY be used after you have tried all other high-percentage salmon baits.

Can Corn Attract Salmon?

Salmon like bright-colored baits, so there is no doubt that the odd salmon will be attracted to and grab corn on a hook. Especially if is well presented.

But, any salmon that grabs a hook with corn on it would likely have also grabbed that hook with a better bait.

Choosing The Right Corn for Salmon Fishing

When it comes to using corn as bait for salmon in rivers, anglers have their preferences. Some prefer fresh corn, while others opt for frozen or canned corn. A few anglers swear by the effectiveness of creamed corn. In my experience, all corn works the same for salmon.

Is Corn an Effective Bait for Salmon?

Salmon tend to feed opportunistically on kinds of things that drift past them in the river, including inedible items.

They are curious, don’t know any better, and will sample all kinds of things to determine if it’s edible or not. It’s the reason why salmon will put bark, grass, leaves, sticks, and seaweed in their mouths. But that doesn’t mean any of those things are good baits.

The vibrant color of corn makes it a potentially attractive target for salmon, leading to occasional strikes, but that it!!

Fishing Techniques for Salmon Using Corn

I must admit that I have caught salmon using corn in the past. I have employed various methods, including using corn under a float, bottom bouncing, nymphing, and drift fishing.

Considering the low success rate I have witnessed when using corn as a bait for salmon, there is no method that will make corn more effective.

Choosing Effective Bait For Salmon Instead Of Corn

Instead of relying on a low-percentage bait like corn, it is strongly advised to use proven high-percentage baits that have a higher likelihood of enticing salmon to bite and hold onto.

Salmon have been known to take a variety of items into their mouths, particularly if they are colorful and well-presented. However, they tend to quickly spit these items, including corn, out of their mouths.

This is why I highly recommend only using more effective baits the salmon will hold onto.

Do Salmon Guides Use Corn For Salmon Fishing?

Trustworthy and experienced salmon guides NEVER use corn as bait, as it significantly limits their clients’ chances of catching the maximum number of salmon.

Top salmon guides prioritize their client’s success and would not resort to using corn as bait unless it is very effective, which it isn’t, which is why you DO NOT see guides using corn.

If a salmon guide suggests using corn on your fishing trip, it is a sign of incompetence and you should find another guide.


In faster water, corn has the potential to catch salmon. However, my experience when steelhead fishing with corn, trout fishing with corn, and fishing for salmon with corn has all proven the same thing, which is corn is a low percentage bait and should not be used.

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